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Music in Common strengthens, empowers, and connects communities through the universal language of music. We curate experiences for people across social divides to discover common ground through facilitated conversation and music. At our core, we hold high two foundational principles: it is hard to hate up close and music can change the world. 

Music in Common performance
Music in Common process
Bringing people together through music


Our proven person-to-person methodology is informed by evidence-based social psychology and education models that help communities work through conflict. Gordon Allport's Intergroup Contact Theory, Elliot Aronson's Jigsaw Classroom, and 21st Century Learning's Four C's (communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking) are the cornerstones of our unique approach. 


Since 2005, our programs and projects have directly served more than 10,000 people in over 400 communities worldwide bringing together face to face Black and White Americans; Israelis and Palestinians; refugee, immigrant, and American-born youth; and Jews, Christians, and Muslims among many others. 90% of MIC program participants surveyed report new learning about different faiths and cultures and resolve to reject stereotyping and increase respect for others, moving forward. 

[Music in Common] flew out some kids from Israel, Iraq (sic), and Palestine to the Berkshires, and we all wrote a song together about what was going on there. It really humanized the situation for me, and the song had a beautiful message. That was my first experience writing on a serious note and collaborating musically with other people. - Raiche, Atlantic Records artist and MIC alum


Team MIC is comprised of musicians and music lovers committed to leveraging our passion for music to do good in the world. Collectively, we bring 80+ years of music and nonprofit experience to the table. Click on the photos to learn more about each team member.


Music in Common songs, videos, and films have reached hundreds of thousands of people online. Our work and the stories of many we have the honor of working with have been covered by news outlets around the world including CNN, NBC, NPR, The LA Times, The Jerusalem Post, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Taipei Times, and many others.  


In October 2005, singer-songwriter / producer, Todd Mack, organized a backyard birthday jam to honor his friend and band mate, Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter abducted and murdered by extremists in Pakistan in 2002.  Danny was a classically trained violinist, bluegrass fiddler and mandolin player who harnessed his musical gifts to connect with people wherever he traveled. His horrific murder was a call to action for Todd to combat and prevent the acts of hate that took his friend's life. That backyard jam - FODfest (Friends of Danny Festival) - quickly grew to become Music In Common, an international non-profit organization with innovative programs to help communities in or at risk of conflict find common ground through facilitated discussion and music.

Daniel Pearl and Todd Mack
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