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"The Change We'll Bring" by MiC International Youth Summit 2014

Today, Tomorrow (Bukra, Hayom) - MiC Branco Weiss High School & Hebrew University High School

Better Together - MiC ORT Abu Tlul & ORT Sapir, Yeruham

One Love, One Heart - MiC Deir Hanna HS & ORT Sharet, Nazareth Illit

If I Can Change My Mind by Progression - Torrington High School

Reflection by Music Project Experience - Berkshire Community College

Your Reality by All Even - Lenox High School

Ghost Light by Circle of Fifths - MMRHS

Callow Man by The Disquiet - Mt. Everett High School

Shalom, Salaam - MiC Middle East 2013

"The War" - Phoenix 9 - Torrington High School

"In The Free Fall" by To Be Determined - MMRHS

MiC in the Middle East

Absolute - Hudson High School - I Am What It Is

ORT El Hwashallah & Achva - Peace * Salaam *Shalom

Ort Um Batin HS for Environmental Studies

Caroline Mack "Hallelujah" at Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center - FODfest '09

ORT Lilienthal High School - Different Peace

MiC Youth Program

Muted - Torrington High School - Lost Found

FODfest 2010

Ellis Paul - Let It Be at FODfest '09

John Gorka "When She Kisses Me" at FODfest '09

Joe Crookston "The Logical Song" at The Mahaiwe PAC - FODfest '08

Sam Weiser at Narrows Center for The Arts - FODfest '09

John Gorka "Paradise, Once" at FODfest '09

FODfest '09 Notes From The Road - Narrows Center for the Arts

FODfest '09 Promo

FODfest '09 Notes From The Road - Cafe Carpe

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