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MiC Youth Program Testimonials

Little did I know, when we met in my conference room last spring, what an amazing experience this would be -- for all. Early this week I met with one of the student participants to discuss his grades...I didn't know he had joined this group...but in the course of the conversation he told me about his experiences in MiC.  He said " You know about not judging a book by its cover? I've gotten to know kids I didn't think I had anything in common with. I love music. Music is my life.  I didn't know other kids felt the same."

And talk about the power of music, and the themes these musicians shared that are so important in the lives of our kids: loneliness, bullying, was truly a powerful experience. Thank you for bringing this concept and experience to THS.

Joanne R. Creedon

Principal, Torrington High School

I felt a little shaky at first cuz I didn't know we were all working together to write one song. It took time and communication from one person to another, and you had to have that bond so we had to start talking a lot more. Being a team you have to work together, help each other out, give each other feedback and you have to learn how to take that feedback from each other and that's what we did. It helped me because I wasn't used to working in a group, now I'm able to compromise and take feed back.

It's an experience for kids who have talent that's not being seen or they are too shy to tell everyone about it, so getting in a group and starting a community and everyone coming out to see it, it's great. It's a great opportunity. It's truly the experience of a lifetime. I would definitely do it again. - Amar Branton, MiC Youth Program participant


Tears, joy, and laughter and all wonderful things! You both and the students worked so hard to make this program a success. We're so proud to have worked with you, and we hope to continue. Jeanne Cassidy, Lakeridge, MiC Youth Program sponsor


It was an experience that's going to stick with me for the rest of my life. After we got off the stage we had a lot of people come up say that was a really good job. It felt really good to have that positive reinforcement. It's a real big confidence booster. If you can build up the confidence to be able to sing on stage in front of people it can help you in other aspects of life, like job interviews and work situations.

We'd argue, but when it came time to sit down and start working on the song we put whatever differences we had aside because we knew had this project that was better than what we'd have if we were working separately. It was great as a team and a great group effort because we knew we had to put 100% into it.

There's a lot of learning. We learned a lot about recording, what it takes to make a song, and what it takes to be a team. That is something that any kid anywhere can use and something they should learn. People were happy to see that kids had an outlet for their creativity and imagination and that they could go out and do something productive. Now we have a song that's on the internet and we can show people what we did compared to what we were doing. A lot of young people don't have the outlet to show off their talents and this is a great opportunity

Music is a huge part of our lives so to be able to develop certain skills within music helps a lot because we love this so we're going to put our all in, then we realize we can take the stuff we learned here and put it somewhere else in our lives and it can help out a lot. - Jovan Bradley, MiC Youth Program participant

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