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JAMMS (Journalism as Music, Multimedia, and Songwriting)

The JAMMS program combines songwriting, music, multimedia, and journalism for the creative expression of a viewpoint, amplifying the voices of those not widely heard.  Most frequently implemented as a cultural immersion program, JAMMS brings together diverse participants as a means for deepening understanding between faiths, cultures, and ethnicities.  JAMMS is also a powerful conflict mitigation tool.

Fusing progressive social psychologies such as Intergroup Contact Theory with cutting edge educational philosophies such as the Jigsaw Classroom and  21st Century Learning, Music in Common has developed a unique methodology with a proven track record for transforming perceptions and behaviors. 

Program participants work together to write and record a song and produce a video project that speaks to something important to them. Through honest and respectful communication, the open exchange of ideas, and hands on collaboration,JAMMS builds confidence and equips participants with a sense of accomplishment, self-empowerment, and pivotal skills for success in school and in life by helping them constructively manage issues of bullying, social tension, and cultural conflict.

The JAMMS program is produced in partnership with high schools, colleges, community organizations, and religious institutions, and is open to musicians and non-musicians alike. The program is lead by musicians, multimedia professionals, and educators trained as MIC facilitators.

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