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From Madness to Music

From Madness To Music Official Trailer from Music in Common on Vimeo.

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From Madness To Music is a documentary short produced by Music in Common (MiC) and Beansprout Productions in association with the Pumpkin Foundation. The film follows the progression of Music in Common's roots as a backyard music jam honoring the life of slain journalist Daniel Pearl to it's current work as a non-profit organizations engaging youth of different faiths and cultures in music and multimedia collaborations around the world.

The film's release is a poignant and timely response to the world's imminent need for change and healing during heightened tensions between faiths and cultures. It is the organization's goal to raise awareness of the powerful efforts being made to foster peace between the people of the world.

Culling from 10 years of video archives recorded by volunteers, students, and professionals, the story illustrates MiC's programs in action using the power of music to bring people, in particular young people and those living in conflict regions, together on common ground, where dialogue and deeper understanding do lead to a change in attitudes and expectations. Through the voices and experiences of participants, the film explores the perceptions and challenges facing youth in conflicted communities in the U.S., Israel, and Palestine.

The social and geographic landscapes change dramatically from Massachusetts to the Middle East, but the power of collaboration through music cannot hide from the lens. Interviews with participants and with program leaders as well as a soundtrack of moving student-produced songs lead the film to its affirmation that music provides a strong foundation to build connections that can lead to positive change.

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Music in Common, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen, empower, and educate communities through the universal language of music.


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Produced and Directed by Lynnette Najimy of Beansprout Productions

Co-Produced by Todd Mack -

From Madness to Music was generously funded by

The Pumpkin Foundation.

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