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About Music In Common


Music In Common (MIC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen, empower, and connect communities through the universal language of music.  

Music in Common brings together people of different faiths, cultures, and ethnicities for the exchange of ideas and collaborations. MIC amplifies voices that would not otherwise be heard.

With people-to-people diplomacy and cultural ambassadorship as its cornerstones, the organization’s three focus areas are: deepening understanding between the Abrahamic faiths; strengthening ties between US and Middle Eastern cultures; and giving voice to underserved communities.



In October 2005, singer-songwriter and producer Todd Mack organized an informal backyard jam in honor of his friend and band mate Daniel Pearl, the Wall St. Journal reporter abducted and murdered by terrorists in Pakistan shortly after 9-11.

Fueled by a resonating belief in the power of music to connect people, that backyard jam has grown into an international non-profit organization with innovative programs that serve as a call to action in communities around the world.  

To date, MIC has directly served thousands of people in more than 250 communities across the US, Middle East, and Far East and operates multiple programs locally, nationally, and internationally.  

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